Aleaster Quinn, also known as Phineas, was the youngest child of two inn keepers. His was a happy life. His mother, Sharaera, was fond of cooking and his father, Maeral, was a charismatic story teller, always entrancing his children and his patrons with epic adventures of the past.

Aleaster had two sisters, Gaelira, a mere decade older than he, and Tarasynora, nearly a hundred years older.

He and Gaelira were thick as thieves. She was always suggesting things for him to do, such as stealing pastries from the cupboard, or taking berry juice to Tarasynora’s favorite white blouse.

Aleaster happily took the fall when they were eventually caught.

Even though Aleaster and Gaelira called their older sister Terrorsaurous, they both loved her, in their own little sibling ways.

When Aleaster was merely 25, the local peace keepers cornered a group of cutthroats in his families Inn. A fight ensued and the peacekeepers were slaughtered. A few moments later they turned on Aleaster’s family, intent to keep eye witnesses to a minimum.

Tarasynora managed to get Aleaster hidden before she was brutally killed, her last words to him were “Stay low, stay hidden, don’t make a sound no matter what.”

From his hiding place Aleaster saw most of his family killed. He watched his father draw a short sword, only to be cut down by a bandit’s ax. His mother prayed just out of sight, holding Gaelira beside her. He heard her prayers go unanswered, and then turn to pleading, then a short scream. Tarasynora beaten to death a few feet from his hiding place within the inn’s fire place. Aleaster didn’t come out until the next morning when the constanble’s men found the scene, and him, shivering from shock.

Aleaster, still an adolescent, was sent to live with his aunt in a nearby town. It was here that he stopped useing the name Aleaster, and instead went by Phineas.

Phineas’s Aunt Seiole was lax in her child rearing skills, and thought nothing of Phineas running about the town, ever pestering the merchants. Phineas ran wild, much to many of the townsfolk’s displeasure.

Phineas spent little time around his aunt, primarily because she reminded him so completely of his family, of his sisters.

The one thing that did bring Phineas back home, besides sleep and food, was his Aunt reading aloud from a book every night. The first book she read from contained a story he had heard recited by his own father. He quickly learned where his father had learned all his stories.

As time passed Phineas marveled at how his aunt always seemed to have a new book to read, full of amazing stories just as soon as she finished the last. The price of books alone made a handful out of reach, but the number she had read to him was priceless.

Indeed she did have an amazing collection for a commoner, one that was lost during a fire that engulfed her home when Phineas was 91, still an adolescent elf.

Regrouping, Phineas and his aunt moved to Wartle, a small swamp town on the Yondabakari River. There she set herself up as a seamstress. It was the first time Phineas understood poverty. While his aunt made an honest living and paid for what she owned and owed, she had to be very careful with their money.

Sadly, the night time ritual of being read to, or reading aloud to her was no more.

Phineas felt the loss of his family, but hid it behind a glib off the cuff snarky attitude towards everything.

it was with this attitude and deep seeded trauma that Phineas first took note of a man reading a book, while sitting on the dock next to a merchant vessel.

Slowly getting closer, Phineas’s endeavored to discover the book’s title, but instead was presented with an opportunity when the man left the book unattended.

Phineas hesitated only a moment, then fled with the book.

The thrill wasn’t short lived. He read the book The Road We Are On_ by Jackson Kurrowack, and felt a wave of impulsiveness upon him. He knew he wanted more books, for him, and his aunt.

It was then he met Hundo. A fellow elf, only a year or so older, whom Phineas felt had a strikingly similar appearance to his father. Weather true or not, it was enough to bring Phineas around the young Hundo.

Even then, Hundo had a confidence in his abilities as a boatsman, one many considered over blown, but Phineas felt it was a deserved confidence and dubbed him “Hundo the River Baron.” Repeating the phrase when ever he spoke of his friend. The Baron, for his part, had always called Phineas by his last name, Quinn.

It wasn’t long before Quinn was simply known by that name. It also was long before the two began redistributing wealth.

Using Hundo’s skills with a boat and Quinn’s abilities to acquire, the duo began slipping aboard merchant ships under cover of darkness. Hundo acted as look out while Quinn slipped easily sold items off the boats. Almost always returning with at least one book from the captains quarters.

They kept themselves low key, despite Quinn’s penatch for over planning with grandiose ideas, that they had neither the resources or man power to pull off.

Hundo managed to help redirect the plans to something more achievable, and together they managed to stay comfortable while staying out of the authorities notice and more importantly away from the watchful eyes of the local guilds and gangs.

Quinn enjoyed Hundo’s company and sometimes spirited out look on life. Though exceedingly similar in many regards, the area of religion was a constant source of friendly debate between the two friends.

During his time working with the River Baron, Quinn used his money to help his Aunt have a better life, claiming he worked the docks. He bought her books and grew her collection. His he kept a secret, hidden away, least it was ever discovered.

It was the last book he stole that changed his life forever. It was a book on the history of a the Pathfinder Society. The author’s words opened up a whole world to Quinn. One he wished to explore.

After the tenth reading of it, Quinn sold his collection and gave the money to his Aunt, telling her the his plans to find the Society, and join them. He planned on discovering new stories in history, and then tell them.

Quinn parted ways with Hundo, and after ten years together, it felt like saying goodbye to a brother.

Quinn booked passaged to the closest large city he knew of and set out to locate and join the Pathfinder Society.

Quinn discovered Albran Mullhoney, a halfling relic hunter for the Pathfinder Society. The seasoned Halfling decided to take the young elf under his wing.

The two spent nearly a decade pouring through books, looking for clues hidden in history for signs of ancient relics. They traveled from city to city, seeking as much information as they could for various magical items Albran was seeking.


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