Ookla Whitemane

The beast looks unnatural, cold, and far too human. Its cold blue eyes peer through your soul


Ookla Whitemane is a manticora who stands five foot ten inches. His dark yellow body fur is common for his race, however his typical black mane is streaked through with white and gray. His eyes, a pale blue give him a unnatural appearance, and typically enhances his wild dangerous look. Ookla normally dresses in leathers and rough hewed cloth. A green cloth is always tied about his waist, displaying his Pride’s symbol (a black paw next to black crude hills). Ookla always carries a short sword, longbow, quiver, and several other blades hidden on his person.


After the Titan War, the Black Plains Pride, a tribe of the lion like Manticora, left the service of Vangal. The had tired of war and sought to find a different path. Settling in the Haggard Hills, they slowly built a alliance with the scattered villiages that dotted the hills.

Trappers and hunters, the Black Plains Pride traded furs and meat, becoming well known among the Haggard Hills as friendly and fiercely loyal people. Helping to defend the area from titanspawn and outsiders looking for trouble, the Black Plains Pride, while few in number, had cultivated a good reputation among the Hill Folk. Eventually they became known as the Haggard Hills Pride.

Ookla was born to Kathu Redmane, one of the most respected hunters in the Haggard Hills, and Gennu Holly, a talented healer. Both worshiped Tanil, and brought their first son up in the wild, teaching him to respect nature. His mother instilled in him a connection to living things, while his father taught him how to honor the hunt. Within three years two sisters, Seleen and Sinclare were born to his family as well.

Given their daily existence in the wild, the Haggard Hills Pride had many dealings with the Vigils of Vesh, at least along the North Eastern edge of their hunting range. Long past tense and awkward interactions, the Pride and the various Vigils got along well, and traded in furs and meats for stories from the Vigils. Most Vigil groups were met warmly and friendships had developed long before Ookla’s birth. His father had become fond of a certain Vigil, a rough looking giant of a man named Kiloos Brokenstride.

Every visit with Kiloos was filled with stories new and old, repeated several times through nights by a large fire. Ookla delighted in these stories, especially when they would eventually work around to a tale told for as long as Ookla could remember. A tale of his father and others of the Pride, assisting the Vigils in dealing with a dangerous Titanspawn. How it was Kiloos and Kathu who survived the beast and felled it once and for all. The story was never over until both males displayed their battle scares, normally drunken and laughing too loudly. Ookla loved every telling.

It was this love of adventure that got him involved with the hunting of a small nest of giant spiders that had over run a farm. The family had been killed, save for the youngest child, a mere eight years in age. He had ran to his closest neighbor, who in turn sought help from the Vigils he had heard were nearby.

Ookla and Kathu joined Kiloos and his squad of five in the hunt. Ookla was beside himself with joy, hunting with his father was always something he loved, he had only hunted small game with Kiloos once before, but this was a test of his manhood. Something his father had been clear about. This was his test, and Ookla knew beyond a shadow of a doubt he would succeed. The thought that farm’s four family members were most likley dead, and the inherent dangers of this hunt eluded Ookla until the swarm of spiders were on them all.

Ookla learned quickly the seriousness of the hunt. One of Kiloos’s squad mates, an Elven wizard, was overrun quickly, and died within the first few cries of surprise. Ookla downed or held off several of the creatures, until the largest bit into Ookla’s side deeply. The dog sized beast, pale white and deathly looking was almost immediately slain by Kathu. Poisoned severally by the spider, Ookla passed out, only to awaken to his mother’s face. He had been healed, but his body had taken a horrible shock to its system. His once black mane became streaked through with white and gray, and his eyes, once a golden became ice blue.

Undaunted by his near death experience, Ookla, assumed his hunter name, Whitemane, and shouldered the responsibility of being an adult. Ookla believed most would have simply stayed in the hills, remained with the life they knew. Instead he pushed forward, wanting to do more, to help more, to prove himself worthy of Tanil, whom his mother had invoked to save his life.

He declared he wanted to train with the Vigils. Kiloos, having seen the ferocity the young cub had fought with, agreed to recommend Ookla. His parents gave him their blessings, and Ookla set off for his training.

While he was not a titan spawn, Ookla’s training was a bit harsher than others. He was seen by many as a savage and a cannibal. A persona Ookla eventually began to reinforce as a means to an end; if he couldn’t be respected he would be feared.

Shrewd and cunning, Ookla proved to be fair with a bow and blade, while excelling with his natural weapons of tooth and claw. He also enjoyed training and employing Mastiffs as attack dogs, giving him the unofficial title Master of the Hounds.

Upon completion of his training, Ookla was sent to Bloodhallow to help reinforce the Vigils there.

Ookla Whitemane

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