Mathias Red Crow

A sneer of disdain, and an air of arrogant menace.



A man of just about average height, Mathias is built lean and wiry. His has swept back hair and keeps his face clean shaven. He is clearly of Native American decent with his dark hair, dark eyes and reddish complexion. A Bowie knife is always strapped to his side and he carries a refurbished colt single action army revolver with him, using its size as an intimidation factor. He is carries his weapons legally.


Mathias Red Crow was born on a reservation near Ravenswood near Northen Chicago. Raised in abject poverty, Mathias learned to do what was needed of him to survive. A trait he learned from his mother, who was known as a local prostitute.

Growing up as he did, Mathias became hardened to life and people. He was a bastard, his father unknown and poor. By the time he was fifteen he was expelled from school and a few months later his mother died of of a drug overdose.

Left to raise himself, he drifted from place to place and couch to couch until he had a chance meeting with a member of the Outlaws. Mathias was hooked. He became a bar back for the local club house and ran errands for the club members.

Eventually he saved enough money to buy himself a old panhandle Harley, and was soon made a probationary member.

Mathias took to the criminal life quickly. He found he was very good at hiding contraband. From drugs to guns, Mathias could easily figure out a way to hide it and move it. He also became a trusted enforcer, and he was voted in after killing a federal informant (who disappeared, never to be seen again).

A full fledged member, Mathias worked long and hard for the club, gaining them much in the way of money and power.

His chapter was eventually absorbed into a much larger one, and in the process Mathias was introduced to a fellow Native American and club brother. A Nomad member others stayed away from, Charlie Langton was also a vampire, and he needed Mathias.

Mathias threw away his humanity for the power of the blood and never looked back.

Mathias became a Nomad to better act as self titled smuggler of the clubs goods.

With his ties to the man who years before brought Mathias into the biker life, a sitting member of the Home Chapter of the Outlaws, Mathias’s position and standing is as solid as it can be among the criminals of Chicago.

Mathias uses an old Chicago ware house, built after the Chicago Fire, atop a destroyed warehouse, around 1885. The destroyed warehouse below had been repurposed into a cellar, one not easily discovered.

Over the years the cellars found various underworld uses. During prohibition, the cellars became a speak easy, and after it was used as a whore house. Eventually it fell into the hands of the Outlaws, who converted a section of the upstairs onto a bar and club house, and the cellar into numerous crash pads. When the Chicago chapter broke itself into three parts, the warehouse was abandoned for new digs, but kept as a convenient place to store contraband.

Mathias uses these catacomb like rooms to hide contraband or people as needed. He also makes a room in the cellar his haven. The club house and bar set up is still maintained, mostly by trusted proxies lead by Mathias’s retainer and business partner, Harland “Weed” Richardson, a twenty-nine year member of the Outlaws, and a skill craftsman. Harland also lives on the property, building and or customizing the various gear used to smuggle the clubs goods.

Mathias Red Crow

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