Iudex Malice, Seeker of the Black Dragon

A quietly uncomfortable stare, with eyes to the void of hell.


Iudex Malice stands roughly 5’10" tall. He is thin, his build more like a panther. His pale white skin, horns and tail clearly mark him as a Tiefling, thus born of devilish decent, though his blonde hair speaks of a northern bred mother. His silver black eyes glow with inner power and menace. Dressed in polished black leather and silk dyed of dark purples, Iudex cuts a intimidating and stylish figure.

Never without his favorite rapier, Scathing Wit, Iudex is a sight most people of Calastia would rather go without ever seeing.

Always at his side is Theana Johffen, a beautiful woman who bears the scars from a life time of battle. Dressed in similar armor, highlighted in red, Theana’s pale skin, dark hair, and green eyes mark her as exotic. Theana has an air of unrestrained violence and danger about her.


No one is sure where the devilish being known as Iudex Malice came from, at least those in the know claim ignorance. Regardless of the exact details of his heritage, Iudex Malice is clearly descended of a Devil or Fiend.

Regardless of the exact details of his birth, it is known he was found upon the steps of the Great Cathedral in Vashon. The Clerics of Chardun, seeing the delivery of a Tiefling, a devil born, as a good omen, sought Chardun’s wisdom. It was decided that the child would be cared for by one of the devote, a woman who worked among the staff in Pahrae for Dutchess Ourven.

Malice’s care taker, a woman named Sancha, was a seamstress for the House Ourven. As such, she commanded a sizable staff, and demanded quality and excellence in all things.

Her faith gave her an inner cunning and ruthlessness, things she channeled into her duties, especially her responsibilities as Malice’s caretaker. She was charged with his well being and his education, and she did not let anyone stop her from providing Malice with every opportunity she felt he should have.

She also allowed Malice to figure out his own way in the world. Learning to deal with those that feared him because he looked different was an important lesson, one Malice had to deal with daily. Malice learned to use his wit to make allies of enemies, those that could not get past his visage, came to truly fear the Tiefling’s wrath, calmly directed by Sancha herself.

Sancha forced the boy to learn many languages. Seeing his best chance to advance was through the military, she hired one of the best swordsmen in Turrows to teach the boy to fence. His grades, Sancha’s persistence, and a not so gentle nudge from the Church of Chardun allowed Malice to attend Pahrae’s best Military Academy.

There Malice Lettered in Linguistics, and History, and spent his eighth and ninth year abroad, under the scholarly arm of Master Randar Johffen. The two, along with a staff of fifteen, sought an ancient and lost city near the Kelder Mountains. During his two years abroad, Malice distinguished himself as a scholar, by discovering the ruins, and as a fighter, in defending the group from numerous threats.

Returning to the Academy for his tenth year, Malice was approached by a member of a secret and elite society that had existed in the Academy since it’s founding. Known as The Order of the Compass Rose, the society had been founded to ensure the safe guarding of ancient artifacts and knowledge. Members were chosen based on their ability to do just that, acquire lost knowledge or artifacts of historical or magical significance. It’s members all wear a ring that contains a compass set under a black rose.

Malice’s acceptance into such a society lead to his selection for the academy’s Honor Guard. His skill with a sword and his natural charisma earned him the position of Captain of the Honor Guard his twelfth and final year, along with being named Lord of the Order (a position lost upon graduation from the Academy) among the Compass Rose.

Sancha stood proud and gave a silent Prayer to Chardun upon Malice’s graduation where he was announced as Master Linguist, Man of Letters and Captain of the Honor Guard.

His eighteenth birthday, a mere week after his graduation, saw Iudex joining the military, where he served with distinction with the 77th Varuba “Ghost Wolf” Infantry Squad of the 2nd “Black Scorpion” Platoon from the North Stormwall Troop, based out of Fort Pahrail. An arm of the 1st Stormwall Battalion, and the 3rd Varuba Land and Sea Brigade of Strale.

While he never raised in rank, due to his heritage, Malice was eventually well thought of by his fellow soldiers. During his eight year as a soldier, his quick thinking and skill with a sword saved the life of Theana Johffen, niece to Malice’s old professor.

A soldier in the same Paltoon, Theana was a natural beauty, but even more regarded for her skill as a fighter. The two became fast friends, and rumored lovers shortly after she requested and received a transfer to Malice’s Squad.

Malice spent ten years serving as a soldier, until his knowledge in languages and history helped discover an ancient site, one which held several important documents and tomes.

These relics were deemed important to the Queen, leading to the arrival of the Queens Watch, the Iron Dragon Pack. It’s Sargent, upon learning of the lengths that Malice and a few others had gone to secure the items, decided to conscript the Tiefling.

Overjoyed by the thought of working for the son of Duke, Malice readily accepted, and was made a member of the Queens Watch, His only request was that Theana join him.

The third, and final death of Vash Ourven (a situation that left a nation to mourn) lead to Malice and Theana being reassigned to the War Dogs Pack.

Iudex Malice, Seeker of the Black Dragon

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